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All information provided by the API are property of [BB] Servers and where applicable, Valve Corporation. Your access to this API ("the API") does not constitute a right to use or re-publish data found here and any intent to use this information for onwards transmission should gain permission prior to this. You may not use the API in any form that could cause harm to [BB] Servers, Valve Corporation, other players or in contravention of local or international law. Furthermore you acknowledge that you hold no rights to this data.

[BB] Servers provides no warranty or support for usage of this API any any damage caused while using this API is not the fault of [BB] Servers or Valve Corporation and the API is provided "as-is". [BB] Servers reserves the right at any time to take the API off-line without any disclosed reason or to deny any individual, groups or otherwise access to the API.
Any abuse of the API may lead to restricted usage of the API or a ban from the system of which there is no guarantee or right to regain future access.
Additionally any restrictions from the [BB] API may propagate to your [BB] Servers game account as a whole and can include but is not limited to a total system ban.

If you do not agree with any of the terms for this using this API, do not log in.